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This module has been designed by Klaus Woltereck and Dirk Düsterberg, two students at FH-Hannover, Germany, in cooperation with Marc Albrecht and myself. The company behind this is A.C.T. owned by Marc Albrecht.
It connects internally to the expansion port of the Prelude-ZII soundcard and can be used in any Amiga with Zorro II bus.
The audio output is sent to Prelude's onboard mixer so that it can be mixed with all other Prelude channels.
MpegIt PCB

MHI support

Paul Qureshi, Dirk Conrad and I have been cooperating to define a new standard API for hardware based MPEG players. The result is called MHI. It's easy to implement, flexible and powerful. Since v2.8 AmigaAMP can access any MHI compatible device, the first one being Dirk's MAS-PLAYER.

Here's a quick introduction of some more hardware I've designed for the Amiga system:

Prelude-ZII soundcard

This is a rather old Zorro-II fullsize board, made completely in through-hole technology. However, it's so perfectly in line with market requirements that it's still widespread.
Prelude PCB

Arpeggiator-2496 module

This board offers optical and coaxial connections to digital audio devices like DAT recorders, CD players and MiniDisc systems. It's almost completely manufactured in modern surface mount technology and consists of two parts. The first part connects to the Prelude expansion port while the second part fits in a free slot.

It supports playback of all common sampling rates (32, 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz) without the need for external synchronisation, i.e. it's a true SPDIF master. I also can record incoming signals at all the above sampling rates and supports both 16-bit and 24-bit resolution.
Arpeggiator Daughtercard
Arpeggiator Slot Bracket


This is a little hardware hack to make the functionality of the well-known Prelude soundcard fit into a small board that connects to the A1200's internal clockport! It works perfectly with most of the Amiga 1200 board revisions but fails to work in some cases. Generally speaking the more hardware extensions you plug on the A1200 mainboard the worse it gets because most of those extensions are just hacks by themselves.

In case it works you're lucky to have an Amiga 1200 with all the features you'd expect from a normal soundcard, including mixer, native audio through or bypass, wide software support and a proper connector terminal all at a reasonable price. Ahem, Amiga peripherals have always been much more expensive than PC stuff. :)
Prelude1200 digital PCB
Prelude1200 analog PCB

That's about it! As you might know I've stopped all commercial Amiga hardware development in Autumn'99. I'm now working for a company making data/video projectors so my next projects to hit the worldwide market will be DLP(tm) based multimedia projectors. :)

Here's the latest one: 1100-1200 ANSI lumens, 2.9kg, true XGA resolution. Introduced at CeBit'2000 (Hannover Fair, Germany).
3M Projector MP7760

Thomas Wenzel, 27.05.15
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